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Our mission

Saving  people from serious life altering injury

The Groggle is a patented system that integrates safety eyewear and hearing protection. Prevents misplacment of individual components, ensuring better compliance with safe work practices. Integrated shield protects safety eyewear and insures a secure fit of ear proetction.




- Mike Holmes - 

TV personality 


-Andrew-Automotive Technician

"I have 2 pairs, 1 for the shop and 1 in the truck"

-Flemming - Building Professional

Tools In Action Review

"The plastic cover above the headband and the shield are all one piece. They actually make the headband very sturdy. So much it seems at first the Groggle’s noise reduction earmuffs were going to be a tight fit and difficult to wear without a lot of flex.

To my surprise the Groggles went on easily and were easy to adjust. I’d say the fit was snug, but still comfortable. In fact, the snug fit works really well with the adjusters. At first I thought they slid too easily and I’d have to constantly readjust them. But the fit keeps the Groggles the perfect size throughout wearing.Personally, I don’t think you should skimp on eye and ear protection, and Groggles are hardly a splurge for $35. Especially, since noise reduction earmuffs and construction safety glasses can prevent money spent at the ER and keep you healthy enough to work in your field for many years to come."

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