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Combination Eye & Ear Protection

The Groggle is an innovative, new, personal protective safety device that integrates eyewear and hearing protection in a convenient and affordable package. 

Currently unavailable, updating site, stay tuned!

About The Groggle

 This new, innovative, patented design features a detachable and interchangeable protective shield that keeps the eyewear safe from damage and scratching when in use or stored. Providing convenience increases the use of PPE helping to reduce the risk of serious life altering injury. Never misplace your eye or ear protection eliminating wasted time while increasing production and profits. Removing the eyewear frame increases comfort and also provides the actual rated hearing protection. For homeowners and professionals, construction, landscaping, automotive, hunting or shooting, work or play safe. The Groggle combination eye and ear protection is always there to keep you safe. 



Reviews from satisfied customers


- Mike Holmes - Builder -TV personality 


-Andrew-Automotive Technician

"I have 2 pairs, 1 for the shop and 1 in the truck"

-Flemming - Building Professional


"they work great"

The Marshall - cabinet maker 

"best experience ever"

Kate- Homeowner
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